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The Cult's Crime: Personality Theft.

It shocks me how hard it was to release myself from her ideas. They were so skillfully implanted and gracefully reinforced. Through the logical process of deduction, anyone can see that the entire premise of her teachings is paradoxical. Told that we would free our minds from those implanted in our upbringing, promised a way to our authenticity; we were actually being reprogrammed with their doctrine. Not cleansed and freed but switched to a belief system even further from our own. The irony is unbelievable.
The freedom still rushes over me sometimes. I am alone at the helm again. Some things that I learned within the cult ring true for me- it was not all bad and hurtful. I was taught to notice negative views and thoughts that my brain tries to force upon me. I use this now to mindfully come to my opinions, feelings, and logic. I realize now that these are genuinely my decisions- I no longer spend time worrying about shame or guilt being used to influence me to live up to the …

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